A decade ago, Anthony Slater embarked on the path of shooting Los Angeles area weddings, birthdays parties as well as documenting videos for the legal marketplace. After a fruitful start to his company, he decided to take SUNWEST VIDEO the next level. Hence, his meeting Chuck Vinson served as the beginning of many collaborative projects. With an increase in the public’s interest in the documentation of weddings and events, HD videos are the wave of the future. “Weddings are still being shot by photographers all the time, but HD video is the choice for the twenty-first century and brings these occasions to life,” says Slater. According to him, 96% of brides who don’t enlist the services of a videographer, ultimately regret not adding them to their budgeted decisions. “So much is missed and still pictures can only go so far. With video, you don’t only see, but hear the moments and emotions being captured–which allows the viewer to revisit and relive these once in a lifetime moments” he adds. With a fully edited “movie” shot of the event, clients can view on demand and share with family and friends worldwide.

Vinson’s background in television production over the last three decades has afforded him a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the industry’s metamorphosis from home entertainment screens to laptops and handheld devices of all kinds. With over 600 projects in his coffer, Chuck’s skills span directing and producing in broadcast television network and cable arenas. His range of capabilities have taken him from live television shows, to highly rated sitcoms and Emmy nominated-variety programming. With his experience in production, planning and directing projects, Vinson is pleased to use that knowledge and magnify it on a smaller scale with Sunwest Video. Affordability is key. With these changes, Sunwest Video upgraded, combined and expanded their HD, lighting and digital audio equipment to put further distance between themselves and the competition. With the expansion beyond wedding and party shoots, this team has included commercials for both broadcast TV and the web, webisodes, music videos, and corporate marketing presentations as part of their growing portfolio. In addition, the group now incorporates and facilitates the editing of reels for actors and directors–ALL IN HD!

Along with Anthony’s son Logan, (in his final year of film school), another bright young cinematographer, Julian Terry from Chicago has joined Sunwest Video. Terry’s training from Columbia College provides a cinematic style and element to each project. Finally, Steve Bauer, a long time friend and associate of Anthony’s was welcomed aboard. As a brilliant still photographer with a huge sports portfolio, Steve lends his talents to shoot both still and video appendixes.