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sportsEach year, millions of dollars are given out to student athletes in scholarships and financial aid, and often times talented athletes may go unnoticed by coaches and scouts.

Sunwest Video’s team of professional cinematographers can give you the advantage you need with a Recruiting Highlight Video that gets results. We use state-of-the-art equipment, HD cameras and all work is done in house. We will film the games you think are the most important and also use any footage you may already have. After all the filming is done we will start the editing process, delivering your video on DVD, Blue Ray or Digital Download. We also do scouting videos and team highlights videos that can be played on a jumbotron or the schools website.

For more information about our Sports Videos please give us Call Today! Thank you for your interest in our services and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Recruiting Videos For College Bound Students
Sunwest Video will produce a professional Recruiting Video for High School Athletes who are looking to continue their sports careers in college.

Recruiting Video Highlights per game (Video card not included)
We will shoot the sport event in HD and isolate your Son or Daughter.  After the game we will hand over the raw footage. No Editing.

Recruiting Highlight Reel of Athlete with Editing
We will edit any footage you may have of your Son or Daughter competing in their sport.

Recruitment Video Package
We will shoot five games of your son or daughters in HD isolating your athlete, then edit the footage and any footage you may have into a professional Sizzle Highlight Reel with graphics, titles and music.

Recruitment Video Season Package with Editing
We will shoot all your son’s or daughter’s sports events for the whole season including the playoffs (Locally). We will also cover any sports or academic awards ceremonies of your son or daughter.Includes editing, graphics, titles and music.

Above packages can be delivered on DVD or Digital Download. Please note an additional charge will incur with any games outside of a 50 mile radius at 50 cents per mile. Thank you for your interest is our services and we look forward to hearing from you.

Scouting Video No Editing
We will shoot the team that the coach needs scouting on in HD and hand over the video card after the game. No Editing, you receive the raw footage. The video card is not included, either we can purchase the video card for you or you can purchase the video card. The video card is yours to keep.

Scouting Video With Editing
We will shoot the team that the coach needs scouting on in HD and after the game we will edit the footage together and deliver by digital download to the coach. This package includes the video card.

Green Screen Highlight Team Video
We will shoot the athletes individually in front of the green screen in different athletic poses and edit all together creating a fun upbeat Highlight Video with graphics, titles and music. The video can be used to put on the school website on the athletic page.

Concept Video  / With Green Screen
We will have a meeting with the coaches to come up with a concept. After the concept has been agreed on, we will schedule a time to shoot the concept video. Green screen can be added to enhance the video. Also includes graphics, titles and music.

Sports Photography
Our sports photographer will take action shots of your son or daughter participating in their sport

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